What is Le Chasseur?

Le Chasseur is not about being the best at what you do. Le Chasseur is about always aiming to be the best you can be. It is the quest for excellence, to exceed one’s limits. It’s the desire to overcome all obstacles in one’s way and to never stop. Le Chasseur means to give everything you have to achieve an ideal, a dream. It is to give everything you have to beat a record, to bring an idea all the way to the end. Le Chasseur means to never be content of what you have accomplished. It means to always dig deep to be faster, stronger, wiser. 


The arrow symbolizes the hunter's will and power. 

To have a prey. To never let it out of your sight. To never let your guard down.

A hunter’s finest weapon is patience. Patience is what forges ruthless predators such as the wolf.