First and foremost, everyone involved in Le Chasseur is an active and an outdoors person. None of us contemplates  the idea of having anything else than the best. When we decided to throw ourselves in the business, it was already out of the question to distribute second tier products. Be it for a century ride or a two kilometers run, we personally use our products everyday. We even use them to walk the dogs. Here is why we love our products so much : 



Optimal ventilation : Always better to have dry feet during efforts.

Double layer where it counts : Having the heel and the toe sections of the socks thicker for superior comfort.

Durability : Simply put, it sucks to have holes in your socks after washing them one time.


Cycling caps

Protection : Nobody likes getting a sunburn while doing his/her favorite outdoors activity. 

Optimal ventilation : A cool and dry head makes for better sports performances.

Look : Simply because our caps have panache.


Casual wear

Casual wear does not mean all cotton, cheap wear. All of our products from the casual line are made from fabrics that do not only look good, but also provide great ventilation and moisture wicking.


Our commitment to quality does not stop there. Be it an order of one cycling cap for your weekend ride or a bulk order for your cycling club, our customer service will always be on point. If you have any questions about our products or about shipping , feel free to write us an email and we will get back to you within 24h and this, 365 days per year.